Nothing Like a Musical Romantic Comedy Film to Get My Lady in the Mood

Since I was a young guy, I always thought that ladies like you to be tough man who shows no emotions and who seems to be totally independent and cold. I thought that those sort of guys get all the chicks and that they are the ones who are getting laid. Surely, they do, but experience thought me that there is nothing like a musical romantic comedy film to get your woman in the mood for some loving.

Women love being romantic and they are the most prone to having sex when they are emotional. Therefore, if you take your lady for a nice film in the cinema, you two are going to be in a big and dark room, with a movie on the screen. Is there a better scenery for a blowjob? I don’t think so.

For my birthday, Jenifer wanted to make a perfect evening out for me. She planned all the things that I liked: football match with the guys and later on, going down to pub and having a couple of drinks. However, I had something else in my mind. I thanked her for the organization, but told her that I would much rather be with her alone, watching a movie at the cinema. I picked the most secluded cinema that I could find and the most romantic comedy ever. She was amazed and she felt loved and thankful.

We were almost alone in the cinema, and I took the seats in the last row. As the film went on, I hugged Jenifer and then stroked her thigh. She smiled at me, and returned my cuddles with a nice and sexy kiss on my neck. That meant that I could advance. So, I slipped my hand underneath her skirt and found my way to her pussy.

She resisted and giggled, but I felt that she is giving in since she spread her legs. She took my cock into her hands, and pretended that she still watches the movie. However, she was jerking it off and it became totally hard, ready to burst. She felt it and did an amazing thing. She released my cock from his pants prison and bent down to my lap.

There I was on my birthday in the cinema, with my pants unzipped and my cock having fun in Jenifer’s mouth. It is something to remember. Especially, because Jenifer really gave her best. She sucked on my cock while jerking it off with one hand. She took it all the way in. She really gave her best to deepthroat it, but she couldn’t take it all in.

She gagged a little, and coughed, but that only made me hornier. I took her head gently and pressed it down, so that she would do it again. It was my lucky day as she obeyed. As I pushed her down, I came inside her mouth, holding her head down. My jizz went directly into her mouth. She coughed a little bit she didn’t try to back off. Jenifer even licked all the cum that remained on my cock.

Therefore, whenever somebody talks about action movies, they look funny at me when I say that musical romantic comedy film does far more for me than any adult tube site or movie.

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Mary and I were roommates since freshman year. We didn’t know each other before we were assigned the same room, but once we started living together in the dorm, we became best friends. We shared everything, and we confided in each other with every little secret. Needless to say, we partied hard, and we partied together. One night, we were cramming for exams and we were too tired to go anywhere or do anything. We just wanted to finish studying for the night and perhaps, watch a movie before falling to sleep.

Mary was on her bed, I was on mine and the little table with a laptop on it was in the middle. We were done with studying and we both collapsed into our beds. Mary suggested we have a little bit of wine before sleep and poured a glass for herself and one for me. We were sipping wine thinking about what movie we could watch. Mary suggested we played a xxx porn video at the dorm, just for the fun of it. I agreed, and she found one that was long enough for us to drink wine and make fun of it.

We were young and full of life as we commented on the guy’s dick, the girl’s tits and the shape of her twat. Glass after glass of wine, we talked less and watched more. We were both too tired to say anything. After a while, I heard a sigh coming from Mary’s bed. I glanced at her and noticed that her hand was in her panties. She was masturbating! I was shocked, but I began stroking my lower tummy as well, slowly advancing to my nether region.

Mary was already squeezing her nipples and fingering herself. I could see it from her movements, even though I couldn’t see it directly because of the blanket. I slipped my hand inside my panties and searched for my clit. I pressed it with the entire surface of my palm, and I felt the arousing warmth of my pussy. I rubbed it a bit and then reached to my inner thighs and then back to my pussy. Moving with my fingers from the thighs up, I let my fingers slip inside the lips of my pussy as I stroked it with my hand. Mary was already panting heavily and I realized that I would have to hurry up if I wanted to cum at the same time as her.

I started thrusting my fingers inside my pussy, and I felt the juices coming out of it, making it all wet and making my thighs wet, as well. Mary was really close to cumming and I could hear it. So, I did that thing that always made me cum in a matter of moments. While stroking my pussy, I slipped my pinky up my ass. Just a little bit, but it was enough. Mary and I came at the same time, just as that hot xxx sex video was ending. We both fell asleep quietly and never spoke of that night again. You can watch that xxx porn video at

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Mike said to his friend, “I’ve always wanted to eat Amy’s pussy for a long time. I want to make her cum multiple times”. Mike had been fantasizing about this since he first ate Amy’s pussy.

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He loved how her twat tasted and how clean it was. Amy had sucked his dick for a long time once and Mike wanted to repay her for it. He had thought about sucking on her clit and finger fucking her at the same time. Mike wanted to see how many times he could make Amy cum. He also wanted to see how far he could make her squirt.

Mike called Amy and said, “hi baby, can you come over tonight? I have a surprise for you”.
“Sure, I’ll come over around 8:00″, responded Amy.
“Great”, said Mike. “I’ll see you then”.

Around 7:45 Mike was ready to go. He was sitting on his couch waiting for Amy. A few minutes later he heard the door bell ring. Mike went to open the door and Amy walked in wearing a short miniskirt.
“What’s my big surprise?”, asked Amy.

“I’ll show you”, said Mike in anticipation as he led her into his bedroom. Mike wasted no time and gently shoved Amy onto his bed. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. Mike reached down and pulled off Amy’s underwear. He knelt down and spread Amy’s legs apart. He quickly bent down, place Amy’s legs on his shoulders and began eating her pussy. Mike started by teasing her cunt. He licked all around Amy’s already wet pussy, going back and forth between her inner thighs and the very edge of her pussy. After a few minutes, Mike began focusing on Amy’s clit.

He was licking it up and down and sucking on it. Mike placed his mouth right over Amy’s clit and flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. He could tell that Amy was close to cumming. Mike slid one of his fingers in her pussy while his tongue was still flicking her clit. “I’m about to cum”, moaned Amy. Mike moved his head to the side and started flicking Amy’s clit with his finger. Almost instantly, Amy squirted a long, thick stream of cum across the floor. While she was still squirting, Mike moved his head back in and caught the stream with his mouth.

After Amy was done, Mike went back to work. This time he picked up the speed and was ferociously licking Amy’s clit. Amy was shaking with pleasure as she kept screaming and pushing Mikes face into her pussy. Now Amy was full out fucking his face. Mike reached behind Amy with both hands and made her move her hips faster. With two fingers in her pussy, Mike’s tongue was aggressively licking Amy’s clit.

“I’m going to cum again”, moaned Amy. “Cum all over me”, Mike said as he felt Amy’s pussy squirt all over him again. Pulling his head up mike said, “I love eating your cunt”.

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I have a thing about men with big dick in uniform. I’m not even that selective when it comes to the type of uniform. You name it – I’m horny for it: policemen, firemen, construction workers and all the others. Honestly, sometimes, I could just rip the clothes off that pizza guy! I don’t talk much about this because it feels weird. However, I noticed this hot plumber that comes to our building whenever we have a problem. He is steaming hot, and I cannot get my eyes of the huge cock he has in his pants.

The plus is that he wears the uniform of their company. Whenever I see him coming to my building, that night, I browse NewSexMonsters big dick movies, searching for the ones that have different handymen in them. I touch my pussy and play with my dildo thinking about him and watching porn. I decided to take things into my own hands, and I broke down my plumbing. They sent him the day after to my home, but I froze when I saw him.

Since I couldn’t say a word to him, I left him in the kitchen to do his work and went to take a shower. I have my dildo in the bathroom, so having him in my home made me very horny. While he was working in my kitchen, I was taking a shower and I started pleasuring myself. At first I did it slowly and only with a finger or two, massaging my clit, but after a while, this just wasn’t enough for me.

My pussy got really horny, and it opened up, gaping for a dildo that was just waiting for this. I thought about the hunk that I had working on my pipes in the kitchen and all the huge cock videos that I’ve seen at porn websites. By that moment, I could slip the XL dildo that I have easily in my pussy.

I thought that I’d come that very second, when I heard knocking on my bathroom door. It was the plumber! “Hey, can you open the door just a little?” I grabbed the towel, opened the door just a little bit so that I can see through it. He smiled at me, put his foot in the door and said “You’ve left the opened at your laptop in the kitchen.” I could feel the blood rushing into my face from embarrassment.

He said: “You know, all you had to do is ask.” I just dropped my towel instead of the answer, opened the door and grabbed his head so I can kiss him passionately. We couldn’t be bothered to reach the bedroom, and we did it right there on the floor. He took me from behind and pounded my pussy with his big cock. It was just like I wanted it to be. Watch these huge cock videos at